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Our Rapid Results Discovery Session is designed to help us determine which segments of your market will benefit the greatest from your products…and will pay you the most with the least resistance.

A Rapid Results Discovery Session is the strategic foundation of every CyberFunnels™ sales and marketing system or every individual service we offer. This is an enlightening process that will benefit any business in any industry, regardless of size.

During this discovery meeting, we will discuss your business, your products, your industry, your current challenges, your customers and even your competitors to determine where there are gaps and opportunities to grow your business. The process is designed to get all the necessary information needed to build a CyberFunnels Automated Sales And Marketing System that will enable your company to dominate in your marketplace.

Following your discovery, our team will provide you with a complete overview and recommended plan of action with next steps and pricing to build a custom CyberFunnels system should you wish to do so.

Book Your $97 Discovery Call

Discovery Session


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A one-hour online discovery session with one of our business coaches. This is a scaled-down version of our half-day discovery which is normally priced at $500.