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Once you ramp up your customer acquisition and start getting a steady stream of new high margin customers, you want to be sure your production team is operating at peak efficiencies that create a great experience for customers and maximize your profitability.

Our company uses a proprietary system called mPower which includes end-to-end work flow processes, project management and profitability.

Having a clear process in place for every stage of pool construction is essential for ensuring quality work, meeting deadlines, and maintaining customer satisfaction. By documenting workflows and job descriptions, you can ensure that everyone on your team understands their responsibilities and knows exactly what is expected of them. This also helps to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem, and improve overall efficiency.

Additionally, having well-documented processes and job descriptions can also help with training new team members, and it can serve as a reference for clients, in case they have any questions or concerns. It’s also a great way to standardize the process and make sure that every pool you build is of the highest quality.

Our mPower program will document your workflows and job descriptions for every stage of pool construction from initial planning to final inspection. This allows you to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks or inefficiencies, resulting in faster completion times and lower costs.

Additionally, by following established procedures and utilizing our mPower technology, we are able to reduce the potential for errors, resulting in fewer mistakes and less rework. This leads to higher quality finished products and increased customer satisfaction.

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